Hello, I’m Li’l Sebastian!

Lil SebastianHello, I’m Li’l Sebastian! I’m elderly and I am a mini horse. Everybody seem to really awesome sauce me.

As long as I have my diabetes medication I can appear at any festival.  Just contact my handlers.

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5 Responses to Hello, I’m Li’l Sebastian!

  1. Ben says:

    We love you little horse.

  2. Leo says:

    HI LIL SEBASTIAN!! OMG I can’t believe I found you on the webs!

    You are a diva.

  3. Atlaz Rick Branthoover says:

    where did her handlers go?

  4. Tommy Fresh says:

    The Snakehole’s got two dope mini horses now. Lil Sebastian and Sebastian Lil, we’re not playing playas! First 10 chicks there get to kiss me for free.

  5. Lil Sebastian got nice hair. Why is she named after sebastian?

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