So long

I should never have taken that poop in the Producer’s parking stall. Plus the way his wife was eyeballing my junk I think he might get jealous. So tonight Parks and Rec is killing me off. I can only hope I go with dignity.

PS. I really awasomesauced this gig.

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Its Really Him!

My big entrance on Parks and Recreation.  My tail goes up to the folks in makeup, they really did a bang-up job in making me look horse-like.  (I hardly look like a Pony)

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Ron Swanson Loves Li’l Sebastian

Just look at his reaction!

Ron Swanson Loves Li'l Sebastian

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Hello, I’m Li’l Sebastian!

Lil SebastianHello, I’m Li’l Sebastian! I’m elderly and I am a mini horse. Everybody seem to really awesome sauce me.

As long as I have my diabetes medication I can appear at any festival.  Just contact my handlers.

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